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Forum Rules

Post by aksa » Thu Nov 08, 2018 12:32 pm

Welcome to the Glory of Fellowland Official Forum!

To provide pleasant and useful forum for players following rules must be followed.

- Using the search before asking questions or posting threads that have probably been posted before is mandatory.
- Messages, nick names, links, pictures containing illegal, pornographic or insulting content are forbidden.
- Topic of the category and/or thread must be followed. Main reason of the forum is to discuss about the game.
- While posting your comment, explain your opinion. "I agree" and smiley only kind of comments can be sent using private messages, if really needed.
- Marketing of other sites or services is forbidden. It's allowed to advertise own tribe.
- Images and smileys shall be reasonably used.
- To share account with banned user is forbidden.
- Act as an administrator is forbidden.
- Discussing about banned users is forbidden, these issues are handled with administrators directly.
- Signatures needs to be decent, including short amount of text and reasonable size of images.
- Messages and users who are not following these rules will be removed and/or banned.

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