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Game version 2.24!

Posted: Wed Dec 19, 2018 3:00 pm
by Saruman
We are proud to announce a new version 2.24. As already promised, we have seriously considered your ideas and the result is a new version of the game.

Please see the complete list of changes below:

- Spell Agile empire is now available to all hobbits, instead of white magic only (it doesn't matter which magic path they've chosen) - you'll have to research Control of magic before you can research Agile empire science. Agile empire spell doesn't have a remote component anymore.
- Elf Illusions science has been renamed to Illusions and spell Shadows of the village is now available to all races (not only elves)
- Required amount of culture to train Orc emissary increased 10000 -> 20000 , gold increased 3000 > 6000 - training time doubled
- Mound Guard upkeep resources changed: -24 culture/h -> -24 gold/h
- Slingers - required gold for training decreased: 2300 -> 1200
- Cavalry - gold upkeep and required gold for training decreased. Training: 2800 -> 2000, Upkeep: -72/h -> -24/h
- Light Infantry - required gold for training decreased from 2400 -> 1400
- Catapults - upkeep cost increased x5
- The following quest: "Preparations for conquest" (General level 5 as reward) is now available to hobbits
- "Preparations for conquest" - attack strength of at least 500 is needed and your own units will be considered only (up to now it was possible to complete the quest using other player's units).
- No longer possible to send Trademan to other players (you can still send resources using Move and return command).
- Humans will have +25% production on all terrains considering they're pretty adaptable. Basically, all terrains are their favorite terrain.
- Gifts level 2 and higher require that Assistant is active.
- several bugs fixed

Hope you're satisfied. Your ideas and suggestions are highly appreciated.

Have a nice game!