Game version 2.25!

Official announcements from the GoF Team regarding changes, server maintenance, etc.
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Game version 2.25!

Post by Saruman » Wed Dec 19, 2018 3:01 pm

We made some minor adjustments with the update to Version 2.25!

- Ghost riders - upgrade cost increased: Spirit from 2000 -> 5000
- Spirit needed to cast a spell Invoke ghost riders increased from 2000 -> 5000
- Ghost riders science has been moved and level increased 8 -> 9 (Required science: Gloominess).
- The following spells: "Wings", Dance of braveness, Fear, Icewall and Revenge of darkness don't have a remote component anymore.
- Bank science level has been decreased 10 -> 8
- Palace construction requires less resources (and less time) in order to keep the realm's length under control (realms used to last longer than usual due to recent changes).

More changes coming soon!

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