Game version 2.18!

Official announcements from the GoF Team regarding changes, server maintenance, etc.
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Game version 2.18!

Post by Saruman » Wed Dec 19, 2018 2:57 pm

Game version 2.18 contains several changes and most of them have the
same goal, to limit the players with potential multiaccounts.

- Emissaries and Settlers will receive commands only from their real
owners (the ones who made them). It wouldn't be possible to "borrow"
them to other players.
- multiaccounts won't be able to cast spells against the same player
- nominations will be automatically canceled if multiaccounting is detected
- 20 warriors gift will not be available for the first two weeks after registration.
- conquering/giving a village will reset the science (set to 0)
- spells being treated the same way as the attack is (counter-attacks, peace activation, etc.)
- Trade negotiations science removed
- several bugs fixed

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