Game version 2.19!

Official announcements from the GoF Team regarding changes, server maintenance, etc.
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Game version 2.19!

Post by Saruman » Wed Dec 19, 2018 2:58 pm

We are pleased to announce a new game version 2.19. Several changes are
being made to allow a smooth start. Ghost villages is one of the biggest
and most interesting change. Pioneer bonus has been modified, too and
hopefully will provide a better start.

- ghost villages will be generated from the start and will be easily spotted on the map (ghost village icons are faded)
- ghost villages can't be conquered or destroyed
- pioneer bonus allows you to train all types of units
- if a player has an active pioneer bonus it can't neither attack the enemy nor be attacked by the enemy. All of them can attack the ghost villages, however.
- if a player has an active pioneer bonus, spells can't be used towards other players (except ghost villages)
- peace flag won't be active with the newly established accounts anymore, pioneer bonus is active instead
- some bugs fixed

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