Game version 2.20!

Official announcements from the GoF Team regarding changes, server maintenance, etc.
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Game version 2.20!

Post by Saruman » Wed Dec 19, 2018 2:58 pm

We have recently finished the next version of the game. Most of the changes have been made based on your suggestions and toward a balanced gameplay. Please take a look and enjoy!

- Disbanding unnecessary units - both regular and units in training (Assistant is needed)
- Dragons attack strength changed from 35 -> 10, defense strength changed from 25 -> 10
- After a village being conquered/given culture will be decreased to not more than 5k, amulets will be cleared.
- Generals will receive commands only from their real owners (the ones who made them). It wouldn't be possible to "borrow" them to other players (the same rule already exists for Emissaries and Settlers)
- Excess resources no more sent to a player who sent an invite
- System will calculate the best location for the capital (first village), not possible to choose a location by yourself
- Amulets given per day set changed from 50 -> 20
- Amulets decreasing 20% per day in all villages (amulets on the account wouldn't be affected). Calculation being done 4x per day, each 6 hours.
- Manifest of new power item will no longer be available
- Since v2.2 it will be no longer possible to transfer non-purchased diamonds neither to a new round or other accounts. Also, transfer cost has been removed 5% -> free
- Pioneer bonus will be a one time event only - for the first established village within the same round. Pioneer bonus won't be available after "restart"

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