Game version 2.23!

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Game version 2.23!

Post by Saruman » Wed Dec 19, 2018 3:00 pm

Game version 2.23 contains following changes:

- It's no longer possible to attack using troops from other players. You can send your troops to someone else (e.g. to support some other player). However, the "supported" player won't be able to send your troops to any other village except your own.
- It will no longer be possible to upgrade another player's units in your villages.
- Exchange ratio on the market set between 0.25-4 (it means you cant sell 100 pcs of any resourse for less than 25 gold or more than 400 gold)
- Exchange ratio on the trader's guild set the same way
- Exchange ratio on a diamonds/amulets exchange set to 0.5-1 (the same logic: for 100 amulets you can't ask for less than 50 or more than 100 diamonds) - this will make the item prices more balanced making them more affordable.
- It will no longer be possible to buy amulets with non-purchased diamonds (e.g. if you've obtained those diamonds from exchange - that should prevent numerous abuses and transferring diamonds from several accounts to the main account)
- You can no longer send special units: princesses, strangers and witches to another players. Even if someone else's unit is found in your village - it will be disbanded
- Only one magic path is allowed within empire. When nominated, associated player will lose all sciences and will be able to use all the master's sciences only. If/when nomination got cancelled - initial sciences will be restored (you can't keep master's sciences)
- Emissary is needed to conquer the village - even if it was previously owned by attacker
- Chance to get the princess for honorable events in the village is now decreased.
- several bugs fixed

We hope these changes will make the game even more balanced as most of the changes were based on your suggestions. Have a nice game!

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