GoF - FAQ (re-posted)

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GoF - FAQ (re-posted)

Post by aksa » Thu Nov 08, 2018 3:32 pm

This post was published by kaiser on our old forum on 17 Apr 2009. so we're reposting it now for your convenience.

There is a forum FAQ and you CAN use the search function but getting the hang of many questions in such manner could be sluggish.

Question: Why cant I settle my village?
Answer: Either the village is too close to another village ( imagine a 3x3 square around each village and only outside those villages can be settled), make shure you DID sent the settlers.

Q:My village has ran out of a resource.How can I make go + again?
A:Drop the building levels of the buildings that eat that resource and up those buildings that produce it.If there's untis in the village try moving them , or if its buyable resources ( gold , stone, iron , wood) Use the market if you have one.

Q:I'm in war with a much more powerful tribe.How do I make it stop?
A:That's the spirit of the game.But try peaceful methods a.k.a. negociating, and if that doesn't work ask other tirbes to help you.But you cant make a report of the player, unless he is being racist or swearing in messages.

Q:I've called a friend in the game and he/she has registered, when will the famous Stranger arrive?
A:The stranger arrives when in his/hers village has a population of 5000 and the warehouse is full.

Q:If I appoint a leader to my empire and he/she has white magic and I have Black magic, will I or he/she able to use the other ones spells?
A:Only the appointed can you use both black and white magic.

Q:What race should i get, and what magic?
A:It all depends on your style of play.But for the first-timers id personally prefer Humans, they have Science ,War and Resource capabilties which let the user to get experienced with he game.For the most experienced players and most warhungry the Orc is the way to go, Experts and peacelike may like the dwarwes more.Elfs are good to start with too.Hobbits probably are good as a mid-way player's choice.The magic ,as all in this game, is called by the style of play. Warmongererers should use black, peaceful players white and the middle is Shaman powers.

Q:Just explain the effin HONOR!
A:Honor: one of the newest and definetly most radical chances to the game.In the start before attacking research Honor to see is it minus- or pluswards.It's designed to portect the starting players.The honor is counted from Culture, Population and Powerfulness.Max negative or positive honor is 60, but elf's have atleast negative honor can be alot more. You can get ur honor back to 0 if it goes to the - side , by using 1000 culture points you get 1 honor point back.

Q:My resource production is dropping and i haven't done anything,how is this?
A:Your Pioneer bonus is dropping.It drops from 100% to 0% in 7 days.

Q: How much attack , or defensve strength does an unit bring.
A:An unit with attack score of 1 will bring 100 attack points, same with defense.With powerfulnnes it adds all of you'r units attack and defense scores together.

Q: can i conquer cities with under 1000 pop.?
A:No, those villages are automaticly destroyed with enough attack force. Also, if a player is inactive for 10 days, a city with 10 000< pop. will be destroyed, not conquered.

ANSWER FOR THE REST :arrow: http://www.gloryoffellowland.com/help.cgi?help=index

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